Taking one day at a time, she gained the confidence of the employees as well as the staff members… Dan Standley, Director of Operations C+H Manufacturing/Sonic Industries
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LWA ConsultingHow long will it take?
Ultimately it takes your commitment to make it happen. Undoubtedly there will be days that you have the unexpected crisis or shipping crunch that requires your undivided attention. We will adjust our schedule to support the pace you are comfortable with, be it aggressive or slow and steady. The actual amount of time required to document, implement, train and be ready for a third party audit is based on the following general criteria:

  • Commitment of Upper Management.
  • Current quality system (is it documented, current?)
  • Amount of modifications necessary to comply with standard
  • Implementation and Training time of personnel
  • Internal Audit results
  • Corrective action activities
  • Accumulation of records to support quality system

Depending on the size of your company, the complexity of your work and the level of Management commitment, the process can be completed in about a year. Individual results will vary.

Do we have to be registered?

Absolutely not. Generally speaking, the decision to seek registration is an executive decision as there is a financial commitment involved. Simply “declaring compliance” will satisfy the quality requirements of several companies. However, there are many companies, particularly in aerospace, mandating third party registration.
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